Best Deals in Fitness this New Year


2017 is ripe with resolutions! With about 80% of Americans vowing to lose that holiday weight this year, gym membership numbers are on the rise. Joining a gym, fitness club, or making a home gym can get expensive. Here are a few tips for getting what you want for less.

Gym Memberships: These can be tricky. The best times to commit to a gym membership are in late December, in time for New Year’s, and in the summer, when membership numbers fall and gyms are struggling. Find a good deal by doing your homework. Go to all of the local gym websites to look for rates and promotions. Look for hidden costs like startup fees.  Price is important, but the gym you choose must be convenient enough to go to on a regular basis, and have the equipment and classes that you want. canceled-gym-membership

Take advantage of orientation offers, like a 1-week free pass to decide if the gym you chose is right for you. A lot of places offer free personal training sessions, too. Get a chance to become familiar with the equipment and how to use it for free. Be a good business person.

Also look for deals on sites like, to find discounted memberships and class prices to local gyms. Find anything from yoga and Pilates to rock climbing classes or ninja training all offered at a discount by local providers. You can try new things for a steal and decide what you want to invest in (if anything).

Home Gym Equipment: Yoga mats, kettle bells, free weights (oh my!). If you plan to fully stock a home gym, prepare to spend a bit of money. Buy things that you know have multiple purposes, like the weights and floor mats. Avoid getting things that work out exercise-800only one set of muscles and take up space in your basement/home gym. Remember that our parents and grandparents managed to get a workout before the Bowflex and Treadclimber were ever introduced. You can too.

If you plan to invest in large equipment, like a treadmill or elliptical, look for quality products with good reviews. Make sure it has a warranty as well. The Consumer Reports website is a great resource for reviews and guides on how to buy. The only downfall is you need to create an account with them to get their highest rated products.

Once you have all of your equipment, you need to know what to do with it all. Guided videos found online can give you a routine to follow, and keep you interested in the activity. Sites like give you access to live classes, and a large variety of workouts to keep you engaged. If another monthly membership isn’t in the budget, there are plenty of YouTube videos to choose from for free.

No-cost exercise equipment: If you have NO budget for a gym membership, don’t worry. There is plenty to be done at home, without expensive equipment. It does require you to be a bit creative sometim161ed352afd765a23f34b4c04125649ces. Here are some ideas:

Try empty milk jugs for weights (I think this counts as up-cycling!). Fill them with sand until they are as heavy as you want them. They’re perfect because they already have a handle. Duct tape the top to keep the sand from leaking. Fill with more sand as you get stronger.

Stairs and hallways for cardio. Climbing your stairs at home surely is less expensive than buying a treadmill! Use stairs or long hallways to get your cardio in. As weather improves, move your workout outside.

Remember that exercise is only about 20% of the weight loss equation. Most of your focus should really go to your diet in order to see results. To make the most of your eating plan, set up an appointment with Bordeaux Nutrition. Appointments are available now!

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