CT Garden Season In Full Swing


The weather is heating up and the plants are loving it! Take a look at how the garden is doing.


Jackie’s garden in Colchester-complete with watch kitty. Pic taken a few weeks ago, plants have now doubled in size!

Plenty of kale, lettuce, swiss chard and spinach have already been harvested, about 8 gallon-size containers full. These cool-weather plants will soon go to seed, just in time for the zucchini and summer squash to hit their peak.


Last week, pulled out an 8-quart pot worth of greens, plus two early zucchini. They made a great pile of ‘zoodles’ paired with tomato and sausage sauce.

The peas are still hanging in there, despite the heat. Peas are normally started in late March after St. Patrick’s Day, but these babies didn’t get planted until early May. Hopefully the weather stays cool enough for them to produce. They’re just flowering now.


Tip: Plant pea seeds along a fence line so they have somewhere to climb. Don’t be like me and install a fence after they’re already 6 inches tall. It was a struggle. I like this one’s moustache face.

Garden care takes dedication and hard work, including harvesting time. Especially with your greens, make sure to take the time to wash and pack your pickings as soon as you’re done. Wash away dirt (and bugs) off leaves, dry well and store in the fridge. Don’t let your hard work go to waste.


A pile of wet kale waiting for someone to dry and pack (suddenly, husband has disappeared to the garage…).  I like to take it off the stems to pack more per container, plus makes quick work of meal prep later.

The season is young, people, it’s not too late to start some plants. You can even cheat by buying a few already grown. Tomatoes and summer squashes will soon be in their prime, get them started now. There is nothing like the taste of pesticide and chemical-free produce fresh from the garden. Not into gardening? Support your local farmers markets and CSA programs.


Jacqui’s organic “calf share” from Oxen Hill Farm in Suffield, CT including radishes, kale, sugar snap peas, bibb lettuce, and garlic scapes.

Much more to come as the season continues…




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