Celebrate Easter the Paleo Way


From: ThePaleoMom.com

Easter Baskets. Traditionally, easter baskets are usually full of candy. Call the Easter Bunny and tell him to skip the sweets this year. If you want to break from tradition for the sake of health this year, try less candy and more trinkets and toys for your kids’ Easter basket. Think books or stuffed animals, stickers and craft supplies, something to keep them occupied while dinner is cooking. Less sugar may mean less crankiness at your Easter egg hunt.


Peeps. Could there possible be a Paleo substitution for Peeps? Yes, these diy-marshmallow-peeps-35wmengPaleoesque™Peeps. To be honest, I was surprised to find any recipes for marshmallow anything that was also Paleo, but there are some creative people out there. These little guys aren’t overly nutritious, but are gold compared to the corn syrup and preservative-based national brand. I have not tried this one as I’m not a big fan anyway, but give it a try. Look how cute they are.


Easter Eggs. Traditional dye kits use pretty much all of the chemical dyes that w101859017-rendition-largest-550e recommend staying away from. In the effort to reduce exposure to said chemicals, there are ways to dye eggs using natural ingredients like blueberries and grapes. Yes, the convenience factor of commercial dyes is undeniable, but if you are really committed to decreasing your chemical exposure, try these all natural dye recipes from Better Homes and Gardens. Oh, and waste not. Those hard boiled eggs will make a great snack or lunch next week. Think cut up on salad or mixed with mayo or avocado. Yummy and festive.

Easter Dinner. Most people serve ham or lamb, and these are great main couleg-of-lamb7rses, provided they are prepared well. Try this slow cooker glazed ham recipe, or this herb-encrusted leg of lamb. If you’re not committed to the whole leg, this seasoning combo would work with lamb chops too. What is a more fitting vegetable on Easter than carrots? Try this simple roasted carrot recipe, or this balsamic and maple glazed carrot recipe.


Dessecarrot-cake-cupcakes4rt. If you’ve been able to avoid chocolate and candy all day, you may be in the mood for something sweet. Even the Easter Bunny would go for these paleo carrot cake cupcakes. This coconut macaroon recipe is pretty simple too.


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