Dietitian vs Nutritionist…What’s the Difference?


Today is Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day!

Let’s celelettuce celebratebrate by explaining exactly what that means. A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDor RDN) is a universal title for a professional who has undergone specific licensing measures. This person has an bachelors degree (or higher) from an accredited university, has completed 1200 hours of supervised practice, and has passed a national registration exam. They are specialists in the field of nutrition, providing sound advice based on scientific evidence.

It is very important to understand that a nutritionist isn’t necessarily a registered dietitian bc6622352cd05f3cc1219e47ca77a7bdnutritionist. To be frank, anyone can call themselves a nutritionist in the state of Connecticut (this is not true in states like Massachusetts that require a licensure as a dietitian), even someone who has not completed ANY formal training. That’s a scary thought considering the wealth of misinformation out there. Anyone who is confident and can get people to listen is able to give nutrition advice, but it may not be accurate.


What to look for…

When looking to a professional for nutrition counseling, do your homework. Look for a registered dietitian that is established in your area. Ask about their credentialing. Find a list of credentialed dietitians at


Information online…

The same goes for the plethora of information online. Unfortunately, it seems the amount of misinformation overshadows the wealth of good information out there. Everyone and their mother is willing to tell you what diet works for them, but it may not be right for you, and could be downright unsafe. If yodietitianfightingmisinformation-690x290u do read nutrition articles online, consider the source. Plenty of RDs write articles, and should be considered a better source than if written by someone else. But keep in mind that information should not be used as a substitute for speaking with a professional about your specific situation. This is beginning to sound like a disclaimer, I know, but it’s the truth. You should not take nutrition advice from someone you have not met, and has not done a thorough assessment of your personal history.

Advice about nutrition should be treated the same as medical advice. Would you start taking a medication prescribed by a doctor who knows nothing about your health status? I would expect not. Seek the help of a registered dietitian nutritionist for the most sound, relevant nutrition information. These professionals are trained to work with patients on an individual level, and are the best source of information out there.

Celebrate the accomplishments of your registered dietitian nutritionist today!

If you’re in search of a registered dietitian, you can always contact Bordeaux Nutrition® at for more information!



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