Paleo-Approved Chocolate Recipes for V-Day


Valentine’s Day is typically all about the chocolate, but you may be wondering, is chocolate paleo?  Chocolate in it’s raw form is both healthy and paleo, but products made with chocolate tend to be less healthy and not paleo.

Chocolate is made from cocoa beans which are broken down into 2 parts;

  • Cocoa butter, a healthy source of saturated fat.
  • Cocoa solids, which contain magnesium, zinc, fiber and antioxidants.

Chocolate becomes unhealthy and non-paleo when all the other junk is added.  This junk meaning processed sugar (and lots of it), milk, and other additives such as emulsifiers, stabilizers, preservatives, flavorings, etc. (for more on paleo & chocolate check out this article by

There are a few companies that market themselves as paleo-approved chocolate.

Eating Evolved uses minimal, fair-trade, organic ingredients in their primal chocolate bars and coconut butter cups.

Pure 7 Chocolate prides themselves in their wholesome chocolate bars made with fair-trade, organic cocoa and sweetened with honey.


Want to try your hand at making your own chocolates at home? Try this Easy homemade paleo chocolate using cocoa powder, coconut oil, honey and a few other ingredients for flavoring.


Looking for an indulgent dairy free truffle? Try these Eaw Chocolate Fudge balls made with dates.


Feeling ambitious or want to impress your sweetheart? Go for this Flourless Chocolate Cake.paleoflourlesschocolatecake8

Or how about chocolate FILLED strawberries? This recipe is for a dairy free chocolate mousse that is piped into strawberries. choc strawberries

What’s your favorite way to enjoy chocolate?


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